Why We Are Better

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Why iQ is better than a large publicly traded conglomerate:

iQ’s Winning Formula:  Employees + Suppliers2 = Loyal Customers10.  Without our employees and trusted suppliers, iQ would not have any customers to service.  We value our relationships rather than the value of our stock price. 

Why iQ is better than the typical freight broker:

iQ utilizes the strength of our Own Trucks & Trailers in combination with our managed Partner Carrier System to ensure that our customers’ product is being serviced in a manner that adds value to their business. Typical Freight Brokers utilize a, “Commodity Traders” approach to service, buy low and sell higher as a means of creating margin.  Simply put, your freight ends up going to the cheapest truck on the market without proper vetting of equipment quality, service visibility and reliability. 

Why iQ is better than the typical trucking company:

iQ’s Direct-Linehaul model wins the day when dealing with high valued – time and touch sensitive products by reducing transit times and eliminating additional handling, thus eliminating damages and miss-ships. The truck that picks up your shipment is the truck that makes your delivery.  Many trucking companies utilize the, “Hub & Spoke” model, which is slow and involves additional cross-docking & handling. Trailers are generally stuffed to maximize cube and revenues.

Why iQ is better than the typical 3PL & 4PL:

We value all of our customers regardless of size.  We believe that you are only one order away from that million-dollar contract and we want to do our part to help you get there.  Our success is hinged upon your success.

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