iQ Deemed an Essential Service and will continue to operate throughout this crisis

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We develop, nurture and value mutually beneficial relationships with all of our employees, suppliers and customers. We run our business by the Team Process of Management and every employee will participate. We attract and promote only the very best drivers, employees and carrier partners, people who are passionate about what they do, are intelligent, creative, loyal and trustworthy. We provide our employees with a great working environment, innovative technology, and empower them with the freedom to think and act. We continuously measure, manage and improve upon our systems and processes that are designed to allow our employees to perform at their maximum potential. We guarantee that your interaction with iQ will be exceptional.


iQ has done an awesome job servicing all of my transportation needs. My Customer Service Rep truly understands my business. iQ has shown great flexibility and adaptability as our shipments are sometimes expedited and delivery points may have to be changed in-route. From the office to the drivers, iQ continues to knock my socks off with their service.

Nadia Parent, Traffic Coordinator; Mississauga, ON

iQ was able to review my entire transportation process and together we were able to identify and eliminate unnecessary cost drivers that were not adding much value to our business while eroding profit margins. Further, through the elimination of hidden soft costs, we were able to reduce our overall transportation budget while improving our delivered service to our customers. iQ values my business and they understand that they are a key partner to our success.

Daniel Boynton, Chief Financial Officer; Philadelphia, PA