iQ's Value Propositions

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  • 24/7/365 CSR: Your personal iQ CSR understands your specific shipping needs and will follow through on the smallest of details.  In a business environment where you can never seem to get the same person on the phone twice, we feel that our model will continue to knock the socks off our customers’ and raise the bar for our competition. 
  • Direct Linehaul Service:    The truck that picks up your shipment will be the same truck delivering it.  Our Award-Winning System reduces the risk of damages and shortages while reducing transit times by eliminating needless handling that plagues the traditional “Hub & Spoke” system.
  • Unique Dispatch System:   We combine our own truck capacity with that of our trusted partner carriers.  The result is a powerful solution that provides an iQ truck when and where it is needed.  iQ provides the highest level of service, comprehensive geographic coverage, and the fastest transit times of any provider in the industry.
  • Published Transit Times:  Our promises are clear. We publish transit times in calendar days, including weekends. We keep it simple: we pick-up on time, we deliver on time, we do it damage free and we call when there is any exception to our promises.
  • Technology: Technology is fueling a dramatic acceleration in the pace of change within the transportation industry.  iQ invests heavily so that we remain on the cutting edge of that change.  From customized reporting, complete visibility to your shipments and Mobile Apps, iQ has a solution that is tailored to your specific needs.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee:  As a team, we guarantee 100% satisfaction or we pay the freight bill. Our commitment to quality is reflected not only in our guarantee, but in our adherence to our Quality Management System, which is our framework for continuous improvement.